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April 2008

Young@Heart opens in the USA on April 9, 2008. Originally produced for Brittan's Channel Four. This film was a blast to make. I only wish Eddie and I could have been up in Northampton more than the 4 one week trips that we made. Director Stephen Walker was a pleasure to work with and highly collaborative, my favorite way to operate. His wife Sally George, herself a director, produced this project. Stephen and Sally lived in Northampton for several months. Much of the film was shot by Stephen on a Sony Z-1. He occasionally enlisted Boston soundman John Cameron to work with him. Can you tell the stuff that Eddie and I did? I also want to say that I did not record the very important multi track music segments. Longtime Young@Heart sound engineer, Dan Richardson worked tirelessly to support every rehearsal and performance with a multi track recording. I can't wait to hear it in the theater. Eddie and I are sitting on a Q & A panel March 31 and April 1 for the Filmmakers Symposium Spring 2008 series.

Carrier premiers on PBS April 27 thru May 1; 5 nights, 2 hours each = 10 hours.  According to my private sources, it's the best thing since sliced bread. It's funny that it didn't feel that way. When I shoot fly on a wall style for 6 months and nothing very big happens, I start to feel that there is no point, no logical dramatic arcs, no drama. But it's all in the editing. Too bad the making of film was never really made. They do have a crew section on the website that should house some of our memories. I wrote a lengthy rant that I wanted to publish but never finished it. I've posted it here for your amusement.

Frontline: Growing Up Online We had fun shooting this; coasting off all the hard work done by AP Caitlin McNally. Steve McCarthy started the job but ended up busy in Boston so Tom Hurwitz shot and Rachel Dretzin and John Maggio Directed. It was amazing how open these kids were/are. Their notions of privacy are truly revolutionary and casual,  to say the least.


Atlantic Records: The House That Ahmet Built


Annie Liebovitz: Life through a Lenz

October 2004

Broadway the American Musical. A film by Michael Kantor. Produced by Michael's Ghost Light Films and Thirteen/WNET. This is a big event and I wish I could say I recorded every interview in this show but its  big (6 hours) and broad. I know that my first interview was with my Nagra 4.2 about 8 years ago with Buddy Squires and Michael. My last interview was Nathan Lane with Buddy. I worked a lot in the last 3 years with Mead Hunt shooting and some others. My favorite days were in the early rehearsals of Wicked . The Marvin Hamlisch interview and song was another great day. Backstage at Hairspray in Harvey Fierstein's dressing room was very memorable (big Tivo fan). The web site is highly educational. October 19, 20, 21 on PBS

American Experience: The Fight - A film by Barak Goodman that I worked on with Eddie Marritz and later with Steve McCarthy.  Credits here.  Original Idea from David Margolic. Great assemblage of talent over in Brooklyn at Social Media/ARC. I wish they were loyal to me.

June 2004

Thomas L. Friedman Reporting: The Other Side of Outsourcing  This one hour documentary explores the impact of outsourcing on the Indian economy and culture. My third doc with Tom and Second with Producer/Director Ken Levis and DP Allan Palmer. I love the fact that Friedman basically ignored the loud and politicized issue of "outsourcing's effect on Americans" and instead, he made a film about the Indian middle class, now working tightly within the rules of western capitalism. We definitely saw the young (20 somethings) of Bangalore looking away from their traditions and towards the (decadent?) West. Best location for a Friedman doc yet, Bangalore, India.  Longest hours ever worked on a TLF show.  Top 5 fixers ever, Iqbal Kidwai.

    One day we took a serendipitous  turn (Tom can't resist a roomful of journalism students) and ended up with an amazing fellow named Abraham George who runs The George Foundation. He created a school for the children of the untouchable class just to prove that they can be as smart as any students - in this amazing little private school an hour outside of Bangalore - they definitely are. It was also Mr. George who brought us to a typical (poor) small village in the countryside at sunset. Check out my snap shots.

Word Wars - I worked a day in Washington Square Park on this and I look forward to seeing it. I'm enjoying the book precursor called Word Freaks.

April 2004

American Masters  A Vision of Empire: Henry Luce and Time-Life's America A Production of Thirteen/WNET New York.  Produced, Written & Directed by Stephen Stept.  Executive Producer  Susan Lacy.  Co-Producer Jennie Amias. Associate Producer  Cheryl van Grunsven.  Cinematographer Edward  Marritz.  Editor Anna Pivarnik. Stephen, Jennie, Eddie and I had a great time shooting these interviews in various NYC hotel rooms and on the streets.

Lemonade Stories.  A film by award-winning filmmaker, Mary Mazzio, about extraordinary entrepreneurs and their mothers. I worked on the Russel Simmons section in NY for a couple days. Very interesting.

March 2004

Patrick  a film produced by Lightworks Producing Group for Faith and Values Media. Pamela Mason Wagner, Producer/Director. They've got some clips from our interview with Frank McCourt and others on their site.

January  2004

Haunting Douglas  a portrait of modern dancer/choreographer Douglas Wright by Leanne Pooley of Spacific Films in  Auckland, New Zealand. My segment was shot by Ross Keith and featured an interview with the choreographer, Paul Taylor.  Premiered  as part of the "Dance on Camera" Festival at the Walter Reade Theatre, Lincoln Centre on Friday January 23rd at 6pm and Saturday January 24th at 1pm.

December 2003

Thomas L. Friedman Reporting: Straddling the Fence: Filmed in September 2003. D.P. Allan Palmer, Producer, Ken Levis and I chased Tom around Israel and the West Bank for 10 days. We had a fixer/driver team for Isreali locations and a different team for Palastinian locations. It was all fascinating and cool, Jerusalem, Rhamala, until on day 9 we covered a bus stop bombing; the magic faded, I was ready to split. Even the ever optimistic Friedman seemed at a loss to predict any progress toward peace.

October 2003

Columbia University: A Celebration Acclaimed filmmaker and Columbia graduate Ric Burns (CC 1978; MA 1983) returns to his old school to look at its history, legacy, and future in Columbia University: A Celebration. The film’s broadcast premiere on October 30 on Thirteen/WNET was followed by President Bollinger's interview with Bill Baker. The film will also be shown at alumni events around the country. Here are some excerpts.

September 2003

Art 21 Contemporary art breaks out of the confines of museums and art galleries when Season Two of Art:21–Art in the Twenty-First Century premieres this fall on PBS. Shattering the myth of the artist as an isolated genius, this unique four-hour television series introduces television audiences to 16 artists working in America today. National primetime premiere: Tuesday, September 9th from 9-11 pm and Wednesday, September 10th from 9-11 pm. Check your local station times

New York - A Documentary Film. Episode 8, The Center of the World - The final (?) episode Directed by Ric Burns for Steeplchase films on The American Experience. I haven't seen it as I was out of the country with the new Friedman documentary. John Zecca complains that he did most of the interviews but I got first credit - what can I say? Life is sometimes alphabetical. This

Blues Story - August,2004, PBS stations across the country will air Blues Story a documentary that features numerous living icons of the blues for the first time telling their own story, in words and song. Blues Story is expected to be a keystone component of PBS pledge drives this year. Featuring a who’s who of blues performers giving their own first person accounts of the origin and power of this music, the film includes newly-shot, exclusive footage of Bobby “Blue” Bland, R.L. Burnside, Ruth Brown, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Koko Taylor, Little Milton, Pinetop Perkins, Rufus Thomas, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown and many more. Blues Story is the result of five years of filming throughout the Mississippi Delta, in Memphis, Chicago and other regions. It features in-depth interviews, performances and archival film clips and stills to tell the story of one of America’s most lasting art forms.

I'm so happy, excited and relieved to see this production finished. It was almost done in by the towering Scorsesee produced history of the blues on PBS. Producer Jay Levy stuck with it though and the result is a great program that, I think, is better than half of the Scorsesee series. It's  worth seeing for the Hubert Summlin interview alone. Here is the best thing that Eddie Marritz and I have ever accomplished (with rotating PA's and the very flexible Alan Weeks). Also, wow, my first up front credit.

I recorded most of the live music in  M/S stereo with my Schoeps mk4/cmc8 pair above the frame line. I backed up the digibeta with DAT. R.L. Burnside played loud electric, he needed a close mic in one of the few non stereo recordings. The opening harmonica piece was in a relatively noisy neighborhood so I used the hyper cardiod Schoeps (mk41). The companion CD from Shout Records is great  - but none of my stuff. Questions?

July 2003

The History Detectives A new series from PBS, it is a cross between Antique Roadshow and CSI. History Detectives is devoted to solving historical mysteries, searching out the true facts (and falsehoods) behind local folklore, family legends and interesting objects. Produced by Lion Television and Oregon Public TV. I've done 3 segments so far. With the exception of productions financial dilemmas, it's been great fun.

May 2003

The Wall Street Fix Tracing WorldCom's stunning rise and fall, correspondent Hedrick Smith exposes Wall Street abuses and the hidden ties that enabled superbanks and insiders to hype and profit from the telecom boom and, as the telecom bubble burst, to leave ordinary investors with $2 trillion in losses PBS Frontline produced and hosted by Hedrick Smith. Thanks to DP Peter Pierce for getting me on this one.

April 2003

Extreme Engineering: Subways in America This was my first doc with DP Steve McCarthy of Boston although we run in the same circles. Already, it is not my last. This was a Powderhouse Production for Discovery Channel. We had a great time behind the scenes of the New York City subway system.

March 2003

Thomas L. Friedman Reporting: Searching for the Roots of 9/11 - A New York TImes Television Production airing on the Discovery Channel. Produced by Ed Gray and photographed by Eddie Marritz, A.P. Danna Liebert. In September, December and January, we chased the 3 time Pulitzer Prize winning Foreign Affairs Columnist, Tom Friedman through Qatar, Bahrain, Cairo and finally Brussels as we all invented what form this program would take. The proof is in the pudding. I think a documentary about Friedman might be more interesting than one by him. He is easily the most connected man I know.

December 2002

Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet - A Kikim Media production shot by Eddie Marritz and I with Jerry Risius as A/C on super 16mm in 2000 and 2001. 'Twas a strange affair to have to finish this film after September 2001. It is a telling of the life of Muhammad through the lives of a handful of American Muslims. A memorable and interesting job. I wish we could all see it in the pre-WW3 environment. December 18 on PBS.


September 2002

Frontline: Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero - Producer Helen Whitney set out to discover how the religious beliefs -- and unbelief -- of Americans have been challenged since the events of Sept. 11. Through interviews with priests, rabbis, and Islamic scholars, victims' families and World Trade Center survivors, writers and thinkers, atheists and agnostics, this two-hour documentary explores whether, and in what ways, Americans' spiritual lives may have changed on that day. Most of the interviews were photographed by Eddie Marritz and I did sound on all but 2 days that he worked. My favorite moment is the ex-rabbi chanting the transcripts of "last phone calls" in front of a Soho loft window.

Heroes of Ground Zero - This was a finished British production that WNET handed to Producer, Roger Sherman for a 5 minute coda both to update the story for the 1 year anniversary and to "Americanize" a bit. Peter Nelson was the DP. Neither of us is credited! 9/9/02 on PBS

March 2002

New York at the Movies - A Nick Davis Production for A&E. We holed up in the presidential suite at the Plaza Hotel while celebrities of the NY film scene came and testified. Interviews I worked on included, Liza Minnelli, Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, Lauren Bacall and others. I got to sleep in the suite. Hosted by Merill Streep in some freezing exteriors in January. March 17 at 8pm on A&E.

February 2002

The Aging Brain: through many Lives - Hour 5 in the PBS series "The Secret Life of the Brain". This hour was written, produced and directed by Ed Gray and photographed by Ed Marritz. The only show I've ever worked on where I wasn't the only sound person but I got my own, Sound, credit followed by, Additional Sound by... Thanks Eds. Feb. 12 9pm on PBS.


January 2002

Miss America - PBS's The American Experience. A Production of Clio, Inc. and Orchard Films. Steeplechase Films Alumnus, Lisa Ades directed this examination of this Atlantic City grandmother. Photographed by Buddy Squires and Peter Nelson. Jan. 27, 9pm on PBS.


December 2001

Bravo Profiles Gene Wilder - December 3 and December 9 on Bravo. I don't easily get excited by mere celebrity, but during the interview with Mr. Wilder, I learned that, not only had he starred in Young Frankenstein, but he wrote it too. Sort of awesome. Directed by Nick Davis.


June 2001

Free to Dance - DANCE IN AMERICA presents "Free To Dance" a three-part documentary that chronicles the crucial role that African-American choreographers and dancers have played in the development of modern dance as an American art form. Broadcast June 27 on PBS. Producer, Director, Madison David Lacy.

March 2001

Money & Power: The History of Business - Here's a curious outlet for a David Grubin Productions historical documentary, CNBC Monday March 5, 8pm to 10pm. This two-hour original documentary tracks the origins of trade, banking, industry, commerce and power. Producers, Ed Gray and Nick Davis, Co-Producers, Amanda Pollak and Annie Wong. DP, Eddie Marritz. Probably worth watching just for the opening on St. Godrick.

January 2001

Jazz, a film by Ken Burns Hey! I haven't seen my credit, but I did record the Stanley Crouch interview. My buddy John Zecca did a lot of the rest. Premiered January 8, on most PBS stations.

December 2000

American Masters: Finding Lucy Produced by Pamela Mason Wagner & Thomas Wagner. Co-producer, Dina Hossain. D.P. Eddie Marritz. This was a period, for me, of shooting in rented NYC hotel suites. Ed Marritz, gaffer Paul Stein, and everyone else present will never forget the presence, wit and whim of Van Johnson when he came to depose! Premiered December, 3 on Thirteen, WNET.

November 2000

Hitler's Lost Sub In 1991, professional diver John Chatterton discovered a sunken World War II German U-boat, lying undetected only 60 miles off the New Jersey shore. This program follows Chatterton and his diving partners in their dangerous quest to identify the missing U-boat -- a pursuit that takes six years and costs three lives. Produced by Rush Denoyer, Directed by Kurt Wolfinger. Premiered November 14.
September 2000

SILENT ANGELS was produced for the Discovery Health Channel by Merwin Creative Productions. I did the sound only on the host segments with Julia Roberts. SILENT ANGELS tells the tale of courageous families and determined genetic researchers as they strive to find answers to a debilitating neurological condition called Rett Syndrome. We shot Julia at the home of Abigail Brodsky in Brooklyn, NY.
July 2000

The American Experience "Surf 'n' Turf" reprises two favorites from previous seasons: "Coney Island" and "Mr. Miami Beach." The combo air on PBS Monday, July 24, 2000, 9:00 p.m. ET . I did most of the interviews for "Coney Island" on my trusty Nagra 4.2 with Buddy Squires shooting and Ric Burns / Lisa Addis Producing for Steeplchase Films. Ric did good by this here. My personal favorite historic documentary that I've been a part of. Originally broadcast


June 2000

Wide Time: An HIV Odyssey. Wide Time Productions. I remember I went out as a camera person - one man band - It must have been before my ten year old was born, me, a rather green Mimi Plevin-Foust and Raul Llorens. We interviewed Raul in Central Park. Was this the first shooting day? Stu Math and I worked on and off for many years after. This is a doc about long term aids survivors which most people thought an oxymoron when we first started shooting. Mimi has followed up and all these years later completed this production. Premiered June 4th in New York City at The New Festival.

May 2000

E-Planet: A Cyberday. An Our Town Films production for CNBC. , Richard Kaplan, Stu Math and I did the segment about the New York City Taxi driver who trades stocks from his cab via wireless internet connections and writes for a Latin Stocks e-company. See my big picture. CNBC May 28 at 10pm right after National Geographic Explorer.


March 2000

The Dark Horizon: India, Pakistan and the Bomb - ABC News Peter Jennings Reporting. I traveled to India, Pakistan and Kashmir in September, 1999 with Richard E. Robbins, Gabrielle Tenenbaum and Mark Obenhaus for 3 weeks of digging into the intractable Kashmir conflict. When the job ran over and D.P. Obenhause had to return to New York, I became the D.P. for the Srinigar and Kargil shooting - those Dal Lake shots are mine! I wasn't on for the follow up week with Jennings so listen closely for changes in timbre.

New York A Documentary Film See below Nov. '99. On March 5, WNET channel 13 in New York as well as other PBS stations will air all 10 hours in a fund raising marathon.

February 2000

John Brown's Holy War Robert Kenner Films for The American Experience. Produced and directed by Robert Kenner (Influenza 1918), written by Ken Chowder and photographed by Buddy Squires. This ninety-minute special explores the reluctant revolutionary who helped trigger the Civil War. Premiered February 27, 2000.

Hoover Dam A Firstlight Pictures production for The American Experience. Written, Produced & Directed by Stephen Stept. Co Producer: John Heus. DP Eddie Marritz. PBS Feb. 7, 2000. Originally broadcast Jan. '99.

November 1999

New York A Documentary Film A five part, ten hour, special presentation of The American Experience directed by Ric Burns. Congratulations to everyone at Steeplechase films. Even though most of this film was recorded by soundguy and close friend, John Zecca; I stood by valiantly for 4 years waiting for those few shoots that Zeke couldn't do! November 14 - 18, 1999 on PBS.

September 1999

John Paul II The Millennial Pope A Helen Whitney Production for Frontline. September 28 at 9:00 PM on PBS. Most of these interviews were recorded by surfer/recordist Eddie O'conner but I can lay claim to ACT IV: LIBERATION THEOLOGY. My trip to El Salvador and Nicaragua with Camera Friend, Eddie Marritz and Producer, Muriel Soenens was almost sinfully enjoyable.

Delta Jews A film about Jews in the Land of the Blues Produced and Directed by Mike DeWitt and photographed by Stuart Math, this film traces the history of Jewish families who have forged a hybrid identity of their religious and regional heritage for generations along the Mississippi Delta. Debuted January 18, 1999 at the Eighth Annual Jewish Film Festival in NYC.

Fall 1999

Norman Jewison on Comedy in the 20th Century: Funny is Money Part of the Showtime Networks In The 20th Century series. Directed by Norman Jewison, our subject was Humor. Rob Levy DP; nine days of unbelievable great interviews, Robert Klein, Dick Gregory, Michael Moore, Dave Chapelle and tons more. I think Jewison nabbed one of the better subjects in this series. Time TBD.

August 1999

Yours For A Song: the Women of Tin Pan Alley Thirteen/WNET American Masters. Producer/Director Terry Benes, DP Edward Marritz. Hosted by Betty Buckley. Airs August 18 at 9pm in New York.

Scared Straight 1999 - My third production for Arnold Shapiro Productions. Directed by Bob Niemack and photographed by Eddie Marritz. We spent a week in and around the Jersey State Penn in Raway for this MTV Production. Premiered August 1, 1999.

January 1999

Hoover Dam A Firstlight Pictures production for The American Experience. Written, Produced & Directed by Stephen Stept. Co Producer: John Heus. DP Eddie Marritz's segments. Great doc fellas.

The Line King This feature film release from New York Time Television profiles Al Hirschfeld and makes its network debut on WNET ch. 13 Wednesday, Jan 6 at 9pm.

Jewish Cooking in America with Joan Nathan Produced and Directed in a style very much his own, by Charles Pinsky with Lewis Rothenberg wrangling the crew and putting out the fires. In New York enjoy it Sunday afternoons (WNET) but watch out for the schmaltz.

November '98

Shaker Heights: The Struggle for Integration. Premiering on WNET/13 November 30, 1998 other PBS times/listings.Produced and Directed by Stuart Math. Stu started this about 4 years ago and I was honored to join him on many trips to Shaker over the years. It's an interesting story. Let me know what you think about this program.

Frank Lloyd Wright. Premiering November 12 & 13, 1998 on PBS. A production of Florentine Films and WETA. Produced by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. One of D.P., Buddy Squires finer moments.

September '98

Dangerous World: The Kennedy Years. September 10, 9PM EST on ABC and again in November on Discovery. Written Produced and Directed by Mark Obenhaus and by Edward Gray.

January '98

Nova's A Science Odyssey In Search of Ourselves Tuesday Jan. 13, 1998, 8 to 10 PM ET on PBS (check local listings). Written and Produced by Alice Markowitz.

Science Detectives III Wednesday, January 7, 1998 on The Discovery Channel. Producer Director Joel Olicker.

December '97

Discovery Channel - "Fleet Command..." First time on an Aircraft Carrier.

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