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Eddie Marritz in Medillion, Columbia Mark Mandler, D.P.,  Eddie Marritz,  and a cast of almost extras. Just before we left this restaurant/party location, Recinto de Quiramain the mountains of Antioqia, Colombia,  we were asked if we would join these waiters for a snap shot.  Even though we had to take our equipment back out, we were flattered.  Photo by Producer, Alice Markowitz. A Science Odyssey with Charles Osgood.  

These are my parents Help us if you have seen any of these people. Call (800) JERXPUB to report  Or JERX here.

Producer, Robert Richter, Corespondent, Arthur Kent, D.P., Eddie Marritz, Associate Producer, Marianne Rotundi and me in front of the Grand Canyon? No but it is the same group in front of Butte Montana's famous open pit mine on the Robert Richter Production, Backlash in the Wilderness. This happened to be Marianne’s home town and we had dinner with her parents and found out she had been Vice President of her High School class, Valedictorian and Homecoming Queen! John Hughes is a lucky fella! Backlash aired on TBS in 1994.

A younger Mark Mandler, Producer Bruce Francini and DP Jeri Sopanen in Bermuda in about 1990 for Celebrity Cruise Lines video on their Meridian and Horizon Ships.

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